The International Master in Digital Library Learning (DILL) is a two-year collaborative master program between Tallinn University in Estonia and Parma University in Italy.

The course is designed to prepare a group of students from European and third countries, including librarians, archivists, curators, administrators and technologists, who have or will have responsibility for managing digital conversion programs and/or implementing digital libraries and conducting digital library education programs to work in the complex world of digital libraries.

Reasons to choose this programme:

    The programme provides the skills to navigate in the complex world of digital libraries and digital librarianship, combining technical, economic as well as social dimensions.
    Possibility to follow the DILL-programme both as an online student and on campus.
    A unique opportunity to study in an international group of students, with fellow students from all over the world. This provides training and working in a multicultural context.
    A chance to gain a better understanding of two European cultures: Estonian and Italian.
    Possibility to continue studies on a PhD level at Tallinn University or University of Parma (subject to Doctorate School Committee approval).

The students will acquire a joint Master’s degree (120 ECTS) which is recognized by both partners.

Semesters are spent in Estonia and Italy. The first semester starts with a summer school in Tallinn, Estonia. The first semester is provided both by Tallinn University and University of Parma and the students can choose the place to stay according to their preferences or follow the courses online. For the second semester, students are in Tallinn, Estonia.The third semester contains a second summer school, and takes place in Parma, Italy. Students will also do an international internship during this time. In the fourth semester students can choose to write their Master Thesis at one of the partner institutions, depending on the subject of the thesis and the location of the student’s main supervisor.

Duration of the studies: 2 years
Course Credits: 120 ECTS

Students’ story

Haleh Rajabi, an Iranian student was taking part in a two-year master’s programme Digital Library Learning and was writing her MA thesis at Tallinn University, explains why she chose Tallinn and what she likes the most about the university and the city.
Watch the video to hear her story:

Haleh Rajabi – Estonia is an impressive e-country from Tallinna Ülikool on Vimeo.